My client came in with the bits for a walnut writing box that had some sentimental value.  It was in very poor condition. Most of the inside partitions were there along with the panel for the secret drawers and the catch that releases it. There were only two of the three secret drawers and no writing flaps. On the front the escutcheon was missing. The brass straps were broken and loose. The ebony veneers were fragile and quite a few sections were missing. The polish on the outside was in poor condition, much of it worn away and perished. The brass plate on the top had been fixed in with car body filler. There was a lock for which a key was supplied.

The damaged areas of ebony veneer were replaced. The internal divisions were reinstated and the catch for the secret compartment was reinstated. A new drawer was made to match the two that had been retained. Two internal writing flaps were made and edged in ebonised pearwood and then fitted with a dark maroon skiver suitably tooled in gold. The case was polished both inside and out. A new escutcheon was cut to match the engraved plate on the top (which was also refixed with glue).  The blue felt that was on the base was removed and a quality baize fitted.