This project was for a client and had great sentimental value. Unfortunately the table was in appalling condition. The veneered ply top had delaminated and some poor repairs had been undertaken with wooden patches screwed into it. The cover for the sewing machine had missing moulding along the ends which left the curved section coming apart. The metal base also had damage. The aim was to keep as much of the existing table but to have it looking good enough to display.

The moulding around the edge of the top was carefully removed. A new top was made up by laminating a thin oak veneer ply onto birch ply to make up the thickness to the original. The hinged section at one end had a complicated rule joint that was replicated. The gap for the sewing machine to drop into was carefully measured and replicated and the fittings inset. The mouldings were then refitted onto the new top. It was then coloured and polished to look as original as possible. On the curved cover the moulding was replaced and it was carefully cleaned and polished so as not to damage the decal. The sewing machine was carefully cleaned. The metal stand was sandblasted ad then powder coated in black.