This chair was presented to me with a loose frame. It was clear that the tenon joints had failed and that it would be necessary to remove te old upholstery to establish the extent of the problem and to remedy it.  On removing the upholstery the chair was found to have live woodworm that had eaten a fair amount of the frame and joints. This was cut away and burnt. The remaining frame was then treated for woodworm. A new frame was then made from beech wood and fitted. It was necessary to create the correct curvature in the wood and then to fit the feet to the bottom. Once this was done the chair was upholstered ready for a top cover. The back with the tapestry fabric was retained.


The new seat frame was measured.


The frame was then fitted to the back.


new frame fitted 770

The completed frame with the legs and mouldings refitted.


new seat frame 770

The finished chair.