The cabinet had been partly destroyed at some stage with the bottom three levels of drawers removed and the divsions removed. Some roughly made pine drawers were then fitted. The backboard boards had shrunk and was split with several gaps in it. There was woodworm damage to several sections of the base and the feet had been lost. All the internal dividers for the drawers had been lost with just the old glue noticeable. In all there were 24 drawers missing. Some of the existing drawers were missing handles and one was a later replacement in pine.

The work was quite extensive. The original divisions on the lower three shelves was reinstated and coloured to match. The oak for the new drawers was dimensioned and cut before making 24 hand cut dovetail drawers which were then coloured and polished to blend in.  Woodworm damaged timber was replaced. New feet turned and fitted. The internal drawer guides were fitted. The backboard consolidated. The exsiting finish was improved and finally wax polished.